Ala Archa gorge

Ala Archa gorge

Ala Archa gorge is the favorite and the most visited place for weekend tours. The name Ala-Archa translates as Bright Juniper and these trees grow wildly everywhere in the gorge. The gorge is situated in 45 km from Bishkek city, and during less than one hour you will rise from 750 to 2100 meters above sea level. For Kyrgyz people juniper is a sacred tree that they use almost in all their rituals and treat it with great honor. First cradle of new born child is made of juniper and when the man dies his grave will be also made of this sacred tree. If any person is ill people burn juniper nearby and say special words, when the child is adult already and wants to merry - again a woman with burning juniper will go inside his new yurt to protect it from a bad spirits.

Ala Archa is an amazing place to have a nice day among the nature. You can have a rather difficult hike (5 hours) to Ak Sai waterfall or just to have a relaxing walk along the mountain river that flows in the gorge.



At 9.00 a.m. we will meet you and departure from your hotel. First of all we will visit Baitik Kanaev mausoleum on the way. He was the chief of Solto tribe and captured Bishkek fortress that belonged to Uzbek people at that time; Kyrgyz people had to pay high taxes to use their own land. Baitik Kanaev made Uzbeks go away and save Kyrgyz independence. Also there you will find out of different rituals of burring people in different times.

We arrive in the gorge at around 10.30 a.m. There you have to decide if you go to the waterfall or you will walk along the gorge. Your picnic will be organized at 12.30 p.m.  And at 3.30 p.m. you will departure back to your hotel.