Uzbekistan travel and trip 13

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 13
Activity: Cultural tour
Direction: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: The IT management participates in the airport of Tashkent and YOU in the city of Tashkent Accompany. Place in the hotel. In the second half of the day is flight to Urgench. Arrival in Urgench, a transmission in a hotel in Khiva. Urgench IS capital of the Khorezm region, Northwest Bukhara through the Kyzyl Kum Desert. It is located between yourself Amu Dari (in river delta) and the border with Turkmenistan. Night at the hotel organized.
Day 2: Ichang-Kala - city heart where die majority of the architectural and historical monuments are: After breakfast Will Have YOU A sightseeing tour. The so it said "an internal city" Is DETERMINED BY A wall of 2.2 km surtoured. Ichang-Kala with high minarets and domes of the roof provides an environment of residential buildings die rich tradition of the popular Eastern architecture: monumental shapes, decorative carved pillars, doors and ceilings, original patterns and die Hellen ceramics. Night at the hotel organized.
Day 3: Breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning departure to Bukhara BY Kyzyl Kum (Red Sand) Desert (435 km). A fruitless landscape IS THE HOUSE for ground squirrels and turtles. The route SHUT Crónica river Amu Darya, known explorer, seeing how Oxus. BECAUSE One irrigation of cotton fields of the flow Quick drying started during the time of the Soviet Union. Travel takes 5 to 6 clock. The DINNER IS at 07.00 clock in the evening, night Organized IS submitted at the hotel.
Day 4: After breakfast Éinen Will YOU Full Day Tour. In the morning on one website: Citadel Arc. This city-in-city IS Royal House of governors of Bukhara more a millennium. An ark, How It Is old, as Bukhara. The fortress war, the focus of attention, tour, cube medieval town developed. Night at the hotel organized.
Day 5: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning moved to Samarkand (268 km) BY Shakhrisabz die Tamerlana earth. Shakhrisabz (Green City) is a small town in the south of Samarkand, laying over hills in one province of the squash-dari. It IS Timur hometown and as soon as it possibly has Samarkand yourself in shades SET. Night at the hotel organized.
Day 6: After breakfast Are YOU A Tour on all day about YOU Many wonders of Samarkand to consider. THE morning since a cube address: Registan chip area known for 13 centuries as the area's renowned market, war, the center of commerce and cultural life of medieval Samarkand. It IS of three madrassas surtoured If during the different periods built. The basic museum exhibitions: Model One ancient city and fortifications, Pottery, die weapon, coins, altars, and above all listening to the 7th Century. The DINNER IS at 07.00 clock in the evening, night Organized IS submitted at the hotel.
Day 7: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning move to Tashkent. In tour day of Tashkent city. You can visit some places of Sindh: the Museum of History of the people of Uzbekistan, die largest museums of Tashkent, contains 8,000 exhibits. Archaeological finds in a museum, das. present lives of people in Central Asia and a female life of Uzbek people cave since ancient times to the present. Of this picturesque, noisy and full of local color. Night at the hotel organized.
Day 8: After breakfast, Have YOU survey of sights of Tashkent city, including visits to Chorsu a market in an old part of the city of Tashkent, Kukuldash mosques and haste of the Imam - the official religious center for Muslims in the Central African Asia, THE Khan ( 16 percent), the Tilla Sheikh A mosque - the Osmanli Turk of the Quran consists of madrassas die Barrack, it IS known than that Saved the World Oldest Koran in the library of the Mosque. A DINNER. Moving to Samarkand (4 hours). Arrival to Samarkand. Settlement in the hotel. Overnight at the hotel in Samarkand IS Organized.
Day 9: After breakfast on YOU sights of Samarkand, counting his WILL die: the Known Area Registan die (.. By the 17th century Sher Dor and Tilla measles Ulugbek 15th century), Zinda necropolis Shokhi (the most important pilgrimage site in Samarkand) based grandiose Bibi Khanum Mosque die, The Mausoleum of Gur-Emir Mausoleum (where conqueror Amir Timur (Tamerlane), his two sons and two grandsons are buried, 15th century), Observatory of Ulugbek. A DINNER in the course of the day. The DINNER IS at 07.00 clock in the evening, night IS submitted to the hotel in Samarkand organized.
Day 10: Breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning moved to Bukhara BY Shahrisabz. Shakhrisabz attractions including: There is thus an Ak-scales (Tamerlane The Summer Palace) die, Cook A Gumbaz Mosque (15 th century), Hazrat Imam Ensemble (Century 14). A DINNER. Arrival in Bukhara. Settlement in the hotel. Overnight in Bukhara organized.
Day 11: Mausoleum of Ismail Samonid (Tombs of the Samanid dynasty founder Ismaila Samani, 10th century), Kalon minaret and a mosque Kalon Give the Arab Madrassah Miri drinks (16 century): After breakfast on YOU WILL his tour of Bukhara it IS in 16 Century reconstructed, with Zoroastrian temple ornaments sub) Ljabi house Éinen complex. A DINNER in the course of the day. Overnight in Bukhara organized.
Day 12: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning tour continued in Bukhara: Ark Fortress (the house of governors of Bukhara), museums inside from Ark fortress, die choir Minor, summer residence of the governors of Bukhara. A DINNER. Depart Bukhara and Khiva moving (6 hours). Arrival to Khiva. The DINNER IS becoming lodged at 07.00 clock in the evening, overnight at the hotel in Khiva organized.
Day 13: After breakfast, Have YOU A tour of Khiva: Ichang-Kala A Architectural Complex (12-19 century) - The list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO - residences including Ismail khan latest Hana Mohammed Amin Khoja Mausoleum madrassas Pahlavan Mahmoud Mausoleum The ( 14-18 century), Juma Mosque (10 th century). A DINNER in the course of the day. To catch a passing an evening flight to Urgench to Tashkent, An Arrival in Tashkent. A transfer to Hotel. Overnight in Tashkent organized IS.
Day 14: Your Guide IS the hotel meeting and then a transfer to the airport.
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Khiva - history museum in open air
     Khiva - one of the ancient capitals of Khorezm - is a classic medieval town with threepartial architecture. The Kunya-Ark citadel stands prominently along with city itself - ShakhristanIchan-Kala and suburbarea - RabadDishan-Kala. The walls are shaped as a square with four gates fencing downtown. Those suburbarea have an oval shape and contain ten goals. Not even the city dwellers used them to protect the city from the enemy troops.