Uzbekistan travel and trip 11

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 11
Activity: Cultural tour
Direction: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: The IT management participates in the airport of Tashkent and YOU in the city of Tashkent Accompany. Place in the hotel. Night at the hotel organized.
Day 2: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning tour in Tashkent, one of the largest ancient cities in Central Asia, the capital of Uzbekistan. In the Uzbek Tashkent means "Stone City" and it is also available THAN city of Striking contrasts renowned. Will YOU SEE, both old, and a modern city. A DINNER. Moving to Samarkand (330 km). Arrival to Samarkand, and placement in the hotel. A DINNER at the hotel restaurant. Night in Samarkand Organized
Day 3: full day After breakfast Werdener We tour in Samarkand "Cities Blue Domes" Are: The Story of Samarkand IS 2500 and now more interest value AS Architectural masterpieces of ancient Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome of goes back to times one dynasty of Timur and the same. YOU also visit a handicraft workshop. A DINNER in Uzbek national house with delicious dishes of Uzbek. (On Demand) The DINNER IS becoming lodged at 07.00 clock in the evening night in Samarkand organized.
Day 4: breakfast runs in eight in the morning WE WILL there a tour in Samarkand his. Visiting mosques Bibi Khanum (XV), Eastern Market "Siyab A market", the Imam al-Bukhari The mausoleum. A DINNER. Theatrical demonstration National Suits - Fashion Show die free time. At night, it IS organized in Samarkand.
Day 5: We Are to Bukhara (280 km, 3-4 on one track) go to. On the way to stop off to visit Rabate Malik and acquaintances ceramist A seminar in Gijduvan. A DINNER in Ceramic Studio. Arrival in Bukhara and placement in the hotel. The DINNER IS becoming lodged at 07.00 clock in the evening night in Bukhara organized.
Day 6: After breakfast tour to All-day tours in Bukhara: As it was mentioned in the holy book Avesta Bukhara Uzbek set IST One of the oldest cities on a sacred mountain in the spring of the offer Zoroastrians established IS. This city once war, a large shopping center on the Great Silk Road. A DINNER in Nodir start the sofa with folklore show. (On Demand) night in Bukhara organized.
Day 7: After breakfast visit to Fayzulla Khodzhaev the House-Museum, die Tea small house, a palace Sitora Mocha Khosa (XIX-XX), once the seat of the country last emir. Here SEE one of the best samples of the palace architecture. So-called "White Hall" with the carving Guncha with a mirror from one layer of exclusive beauty. A DINNER. A free time to rest. Night in Bukhara organized.
Day 8: Breakfast runs the clock at 8 am dying to Khiva Through the desert Kyzyl-Pate (480 km.). Are YOU on the road to get to a landscape of the district Arrival to Khiva know BY at the hotel. A free time for recreation. At night, it IS organized in Khiva.
Day 9: We Will Have A sightseeing tour of Khiva: Ichang-Kala A Architectural Complex - "the open-air museum". The history of the Khorezm date To Thither since ancient times, dass reached Few civilizations calves aged Will. Will YOU SEE, palaces from a rich mosaic, unique and beautiful minarets, madrassas and mosques. A DINNER. A transfer to the airport in Urgench. A start to Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent. A pick-up at the hotel and location. The DINNER IS becoming lodged at 07.00 clock in the evening night in Tashkent.
Day 10: Your Guide IS the hotel meeting and then a transfer to the airport.

11 - view to exquisite frescoes and mosaics on the walls?

     Would you like to find yourself in the heart of the world-famous Silk Road, which came from the legendary Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane?

     Would you ever dream that the stories of the beautiful Shakherezade of "1001 Nights" told should be a reality?

    If your answer is "Yes", our tour will arrange for you to go on an exciting journey to Uzbekistan - the gem of Central Asia.

     As with many modern features, Uzbekistan times in history has inherited - you can see its monuments and traditions. The country also offers a unique and harmonious combination of Eastern and Western cultures.
Today there are around 100 ethnic groups coexist peacefully in Uzbekistan, and the land provides a variety of cultures. It is also a testament to the tolerance indigenous Uzbeks display.