Uzbekistan travel and trip 04

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 04
Activity: Cultural tour
Direction: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: The IT management participates in the airport of Tashkent and YOU in the city of Tashkent Accompany. Place in the hotel. Night at the hotel organized.
Day 2: After breakfast morning flight in 7 clock in the morning to Urgench. Moving to Khiva. Settlement in the hotel. Tour of Khiva: Ichang-Kala A Architectural Complex (12-19 century) - The list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO - Residences latest khan including Hodge Ismail Mohammed Amin Hana mausoleum madrassas. A DINNER in the course of the day. The DINNER IS becoming lodged at 07.00 clock in the evening Night in Khiva organized.
Day 3: Breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning after breakfast THE move to Bukhara (6 hours). In a way, an attempt on the Amu Darya river for a picnic. Arrival in Bukhara. The DINNER IS at 07.00 clock in the evening, night IS submitted to the hotel in Bukhara organized.
Day 4: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning of Sight of Bukhara to the mausoleum of Ismail Samonid (Tombs of the Samanid dynasty founder Ismaila Samani, 10th century), Kalon minaret and a mosque Give Kalon Madrasah Miri visit drink die Arabic (16 century ) A DINNER during the day time. Overnight in Bukhara organized.
Day 5: After breakfast in the First half of the day-tour continuation of Bukhara: Ark Fortress (the house of governors of Bukhara), museums inside from Ark fortress, die choir Minor, summer residence of the governors of Bukhara. A DINNER. Moving to Samarkand (3 hours). Arrival to Samarkand. Settlement in the hotel. Overnight at the hotel in Samarkand IS Organized.
Day 6: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning of Sight of Samarkand, die counting: the region known Registan (with 17th century Sher Dor and Tilla measles Ulugbek 15th century), Zinda necropolis Shokhi die (die important place of pilgrimage in Samarkand) Is. grandiose Bibi Khanum Mosque die, The Mausoleum of Gur-Emir Mausoleum (where conqueror Amir Timur (Tamerlane), his two sons and two grandsons are buried, 15th century), Observatory of Ulugbek. A DINNER in the course of the day. The DINNER IS at 07.00 clock in the evening, night IS submitted to the hotel in Samarkand organized.
Day 7: After breakfast move to Tashkent (4 hours). Arrival in Tashkent. Settlement in the hotel. A DINNER. Sights of Tashkent, including visits to Chorsu a market in an old part of the city of Tashkent, Kukuldash mosques and haste of the Imam - is the official religious center for Muslims in Central Asia from madrassas Barrack die of Khan (16 per cent), Tilla the sheikh A mosque - die Osmanli Turk stop the Koran, for the old Koranic World Mausoleum of Abu Bakr Kaffal Shoshi - the Islamic scholars from 13-14. Century IS Filed in the library of the Mosque. Overnight in Tashkent organized IS.
Day 8: After breakfast in the morning flight to Fergana. Arrival in Fergana, settlement at the hotel. A trip to Kokand: visit the palace of the governor of Kokand, 19 Century, Narbutebay madrassas and mosques "Juma". A DINNER. Visit a ride in Rishton Towards One pottery. Overnight at hotel in Fergana IS organized.
9th Day: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning parade in Margelan. Visit Silk Factory. A DINNER. Sights of Fergana. Weeds back to Tashkent. The DINNER IS at 07.00 clock in the evening, night Organized IS submitted to the hotel in Tashkent.
Day 10: Your Guide IS the hotel meeting and then a transfer to the airport.
4 - Kokand
Kokand city, located in the western part of the Fergana Valley, is one of the oldest cities of Uzbekistan.
Kokand is 100 km from the city of Fergana, at an altitude of 405 meters above sea level. The area is 65 square kilometers, population of about 180 thousand people.
Accurate information about who and when was founded the city of Kokand no.However we know that in the first century AD, this place is a few villages that gradually expands to a city was to be formed. Important in the development of the city was the Great Silk Road. A large number of caravanserai was built for the merchants to India and China.
The first written mention of the city Hukande, Havok changes (old name of the city) are found in the annals of the century. In the thirteenth century, was destroyed by the Mongols. Modern Kokand was developed by the fortress, built in 1732 and in 1740 became the capital of the Khanate of Kokand. Khanate reached its power in the first half of the X! The tenth century, the territory of which encompasses most of today's Uzbekistan Chas, part of southern Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China. It was a big, powerful state. During its existence, the Khanate had 29 governors. At this time the city had more than 35 madrassas, mosques, about 300, and he was the religious center of the Fergana Valley.
In 1842 wins Nasrullah Khan of Bukhara. Of all the rulers of Kokand most vibrant brand in the history of the last khan Khudoyar left. V1845 at the age of 12, he became governor of the state. He ruled until 1876 before the Khanate Tsarist Russia.During to gain mastery of the four he lost his throne and his back. In his time was a lot of work for the improvement of the city - built-Hussar, mosques, madrasas. The most important building is the Palace of the time the incumbent.
Khudoyarkhan Palace (1871 - 1873). Kokand is well preserved, "Urda", built Hudoyarhanom. The building is also known as "Palace Khudoyarkhan." Planners and architects of the palace called the world Ubaidulla. In the construction of the palace were not only masters of Kokand, Konibodom, Khust, Namangan, Uratyube, but the master Kashgarians.
The total area of ​​4 hectares of the palace, raised the creation of 3 meters. For this reason, the main gate was on the east side give a special road built - the ramp.