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5 - to Surhandarinsky, Moslems conquer the sacred buildings such as mosques, madrasses, mausoleums and hanaqohs focused on the construction Termeze prosperity in XI-XII and XV-XVI centuries mosques: they can be divided into three basic types of mosques quarter for which use through a city, the neighborhood, the Cathedral (Juma) and party (namazgoh - the palace of prayer, idgoh, musalliya) мечетей Cathedral. There are two kinds of mosques cathedrals. The first version was in the rectangular courtyard surrounded by the perimeter columns as the gallery size. They are developed in the early Middle Ages, he was the main belt classic cathedral mosque in Central Asia. The second version of the Cathedral Mosque was so large multistage closed the room is covered with some flat roof domes or bundles, this was less common in the next period and is only a few isolated examples. The earlier of some columns of the mosques in Surhandarinsky is Sapoltepa XI s , located near Termeza. He was placed on the oval sphere and the dimension 43x25 building a column space. About 50 colones burnt brick was found. TSII you were square with (90x90cm.) were spread evenly with a 3 m. Among them. According to sources s H of the same composition (al-Istahri me Mukaddasi) Saganiana beautiful mosque was high with burnt brick columns in the middle of the market. This was not the sheets  (This was, perhaps, is covered (the flat roof beam).

Choir mosques in the H s Sutun Termez, may have been the cathedral as one, sometimes nyh during FES occasions. It was the column-coupling as a simple 10x10 construction of the roof, which on the corner (courtyard.  This was surrounded with strong along the wall. 'South south west and north east along was not closed, they are couryard with vaulted gallery There were nine columns, each nine feet in diameter domes of the mosque floor support -. done in the brick burned all Jobs's XI in C, the minaret was built of burnt brick in another corner of the yard is used by 1032's, the mosque, the brick was found after the cheese brick floors and walls, including the minaret repaired. burned.  mihrab, which placed in the middle of the wall south-west was, were in the way of the Horseshoe Bay area papers gofrirovanija way for the next wall of brick raw materials Keshk Kurgan (castle) decorated is. located near Masdzhid mosque Katta ("Great Mosque"), built in the Bream-Aul village in the region comes Termez (the return in XVIII-XIX centuries this was the area (about 14 The raw brick building with domed cruciform church, also four-room dome at each corner. The central area of ​​the dome and the main entrance was covered were covered sheet halves square Balkh and the numbers are covered Balkh openings. were built three entries found in each wall, except the western one of them, the mihrab. The interior of the mosque through the upper opening round, which was at the height of the dome was set on fire, bow and Balkh.