Trips Uzbekistan 08

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 08

Activity: Cultural tour

Destination: Uzbekistan

Duration: 10 days


Day 1: Arrival to the airport. Tour consists of Transfer to Tashkent. Get tour to Tashkent - the capital of Uzbekistan. Transfer to hotel and overnight. Tour includes Rest after a long flight. Afternoon sightseeing: this tour has attractions as "New Tashkent TV Tower" - the highest in Central Asia - 375 m, we will have tour to "Memorial to the victims of the repression" - Memorial and Museum, tour will show us "Monument of Courage" (1976) - the epicenter of Tashkent earthquake of 1966. Old part of the city: the architectural complex "Khazret-Imam". Tour includes Bed and breakfast in the hotel. First night in the hospitable Uzbekistan.

Day 2: After breakfast, transfer to Samarkand (315 km, 5 hours) and hotel accommodation. tour starts with  City tour includes visit to the "Gur Emir mausoleum" -we will have tour to  Tamerlan grave built for Temur's grandson Muhammad-Sultan and tombs of three other Timurids (14-15 C.) - Sons of Temur - Miranshah and tour will  show us Shahruh and his grandson Ulugbek. The night is in the capital of Tamerlane's empire.

Day 3: After breakfast we visit: Uzbekistan ill show us Siab Bazar, try the best Samarkand bread and fruit, and excavations of the ancient city Afrosiab Museum, Mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar - the legend connects it with the Koran 'and biblical prophets Daniyar (Daniel) whose remains were brought here by Tamerlane. Tour in Uzbekistan includes Free time to spend at leisure. The night is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Day 4: We are transmitted Shakhrisabz - Uzbekistan will show us a unique monument of urban design and architecture (90 km, 1.5 hours). In Uzbekistan we have Shakhrisabz Tour: - (. 14-15 c) Uzbekistan will show us Ruins of the "Ak-Saray Palace" Tamerlane summer residence that shocked the imagination of his contemporaries, "Jahongir mausoleum" - mausoleum of Tamerlane's oldest and most famous son. Late afternoon arrival in Bukhara and accommodation at the hotel. The night is in Bukhara.

Day 5: We will have a city tour: mausoleum of the Samanids -get travel to  the oldest brick building in Central Asia, a masterpiece of architecture in the world, mausoleum Chashma Ayub that belongs to esteemed "places of trace", by left Saints ((9-10 c.) 14th c). Legend has it that once the bible prophet Job (Ayub) visited this place. Visit the museums of Imam Al Bukhari and travel includes  "The Museum of Water". "Bolo-Houz Mosque" - the only monument of medieval Bukhara (early 20th century), Ark - the center of Bukhara statehood (4th century BC), silk carpet shops, complex "Poi Kalon" (" Under the Great "):" Kalyan Minaret "- get travel to the main symbol of sacred Bukhara that symbolized the authority and power of spiritual governors.

Day 6: After breakfast tour outside the city: Emir Summer Residence "Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa" (19th century), memorial cemeteries "Chor Bakr" (10th century), the mausoleum Bakhouddin Nakshbandi visit (16-19. c), and the graves of his mother and his teacher (14th century). Back to Bukhara. Free time to rest and walk through the old streets of Bukhara. The night is in a quiet and cozy Bukhara Hotel.

Day 7: We are to Khiva on the Kizil-Kum desert along Caravan road (480 km, 5-7 hours) to transfer. Arrival to Khiva - the only "outdoor museum" in Central Asia, fully preserved to the present day. Accommodation in a hotel in or near "Ichan-Qala" - the historical center of Khiva, which was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Free time. The night is in Khiva.

Day 8. After breakfast, city tour around the architectural complex Ensemble consists of the smallest Medressa in Khiva and a minaret, the upper deck has a height of 45 meters and is the highest vantage point in the city. Afternoon transfer to the campsite on the Amu Daria Ayazkala pontoon bridge and Tuprakkala old fortress (2-3. Cc). Accommodation in yurts. Walking tour to walk around the Ayazkala 1 and 2 fortresses Ayazkala. The night is in the traditional style of the Silk Road.

Day 9: In the morning, get to ride camels. Trip to Lake Ayazkul. Fishing, swimming and boating. Packed. Back to the yurts. Transfer to Urgench airport (80 km, 1.5 hrs) for evening flight HY 1058 in Tashkent at 21:10 clock. Arrival in Tashkent at 23:15 clock and hotel accommodation. The night is in Tashkent.

Day 10: Breakfast. City tour around Tashkent: "Chorsu" - oriental bazaar, "national park", "Abdulkasim Medressa" that is now the center for traditional arts with attractive souvenirs from local artisans (19th century). Free time to walk Tashkent, see its beautiful squares and fountains, visit museums and galleries, and the Tashkent Subway - one of the finest in the world. You will be picked up by your guide to Tashkent airport to the time of departure details.

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