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Uzbekistan Archaeological Tours

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Experience 5,000 years of history, from the earliest settlements by the time of Timur and Alexander the Great. You can admire the remains of innumerable palaces, forts and monuments, minarets and blue copolas of the lace-like ornaments and shiny ceramic of mausoleums and mosques. Meetings with local archaeologists and enjoy the tradition and culture that survive to this day.

Day 01 Tashkent - Tashkent Palace 4-star

Arrival in Tashkent. Transfer to hotel. Accommodation. Celebratory dinner.


Day 02 Tashkent-Urgench - Shakhrezade hotels

City tour: Abul Kasim Medreseh (XIX c), Old Town Hast Imam Complex: Medreseh Barakkhan (XVI c.), Friday Mosque Tello Shayh, Mausoleum Shashi Shashi, Old Bazaar "Chorsu" Medreseh Kukaldash (XIX c.) (XVI c.) (XVI c.). Flights from Tashkent to Urgench. Transfer to hotel.


Day 03 Khiva

Ride to Khiva (35 km). Trip to Ichan Kala (Old Town): Ata-Darvaza (Westgate, XVII-XVIII c.), Kalta Minar, Medreseh Mohammad Amin (XIX c.), Kunya Ark Pahlavan Mahmud (XIX c.) (XVII-XIX c.) Mausoleum (XVIII - XIX c), Medreseh Khodja Islam Minaret, Tash Hovli Palace (XIX c), caravanserai, Juma Mosque (XI-XII c.) with 200 wooden pillars (XIX c.). Back to Urgench.


Day 04-Urgench Ayaz Kala - yurts

Drive to Ayaz Kala, accommodation in traditional yurts. With local archaeologists make trip to Ayaz Kala, Toprak Kala, Koykirilgan Kala, Kala Kizil (forts Zoroastrian period).


Day 05 Ayaz Kala-Bukhara - Minzifa Hotel

Drive to Bukhara (450 km). Picnic in the Uzbek Chaykhana (teahouse) in Kizilkum desert. Overnight at hotel.


Day 06 Bukhara

Sightseeing tour: Labi Khaus Complex at the heart of the old Bukhara: (. XVI-XVII c) (. XII-XVII c) Nadir Divan Begi Medreseh, Kukaldash Medreseh, Khanaka Nadir Divan Begi Magoki Attari Mosque, trade domes / Markets ( XVI c.), Poi-Kalon Minaret Kalon complex (XII c.), Kalyan Mosque, Miri Arab Medreseh (XVI c.), the summer residence of the last Emir Bukhara "Sitorai Mohi-Khossa" (XX c.). Dinner with folklore in Medreseh Nadir Divan-Begi show.


Day 07 Bukhara

Take Paykent (60 km), the remains of the old city. Back to Bukhara. Continuation of city tour: Ark Fortress (I c.), Ismail Samani Mausoleum - the "Pearl of the East and Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum (IX c.) (XII-XVI c.).


Day 08 Bukhara-Samarkand Malika Prime

Sightseeing day trip to Samarkand (300 km). Overnight at hotel. Afrosiyob Ruins (VI c) and museum (VI-XIII c.).


Day 09 Samarkand

Samarkand city tour: Ulugbek Observatory (XV c.), Registan Square: Ulugbek, second Sher and Tilla Kori Medreseh (. XV-XVII c), Mausoleum of Guri Amir And Bibi Khanum Mosque (XV c.) (XV c.). Visit synagogue and Jewish quarter.


10th Day Samarkand - Shakhrisabz

Sightseeing trip to Shahrisabz (150 km.). Trip to Shahrisabz: Ruins in summer residence Tamirlane "Ak-Saroy" (. XV c) The mosque Hazrati Imom and Kok Gumbaz - the mosque with blue dome (XV c.) And Darut-Sadat (XV c.). Back to Samarkand.


11th Day Samarkand

Samarkand Sightseeing: Shahi Zinda Ensemble (IX-XIX c.) With more than 20 mausoleums, Medreseh Hodja Ahrar (XV c.). Visit the bazaar. Free time.


12th Day Samarkand-Tashkent

Drive to Tashkent through the mountains. Enjoy your afternoon. Flights from Tashkent.

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