Trip of Uzbekistan 02

Destination: Uzbekistan

Route: Tashkent - Samarkand - Shakhrisabz - Termez - BUKHARA-KHIVA - TOPRAKKALA - Fergana - Tashkent

Duration: 14 Nights / 15DAYS


1 Day. Tashkent

Arrival to Tashkent International Airport. Tashkent - the capital of independent Uzbekistan, the cosmopolitan city in the heart of Central Asia, the crossroads of various cultures. The city was an ancient center of the Great Silk Road, and where even today you can see the parts of the old city. After immigration and customs controls, you will be met by your guide / driver. Departure airport to the hotel. Check-in, rest. Departure for dinner and O / N at the hotel.


2 Day. Tashkent - Samarkand

Breakfast and check out from the hotel and city tour starting at Tashkent, visit the Museum for Applied Art in the old town Khazrat Imam complex where you can see tombs, madrasa and the Chorsu Bazaar, the oldest market in the city to visit. Departure to Samarkand arriving late afternoon. Upon arrival to the hotel to check in, afternoon time for refreshment, dinner and O / N. at the hotel.


3 Day. Samarkand

After breakfast, city tour, including: Registan square of 14 Century Bazaar and the center of trade and cultural life in medieval Samarkand Bibi-Khanum Mosque built by order of Tamerlane after his victorious Indian campaign in 1399. Gur Emir mausoleum grave of the family of the Timurid, Shakhi-Zinda necropolis; visit a site of pilgrimage since the 11th Century. There you can enjoy the best samples of majolica, mosaic tiles and terracotta works, mausoleums are concentrated around the shrine of Ibn Abbas Kusam. To the sites of Samarkand is an outstanding museum of the observatory of Ulugbek with the part of the instrument-sextant (15th century). Dinner and overnight.


4 Day. Samarkand Shakhrisabz - Termez

Departure early Shakhrisabz or "green city" birthplace of Tamerlane, the support of the Great Silk Road, the road through the valley of Khissar Mountains, part of the Great Silk Road. Upon arrival, begin your tour: Ak-Saray Palace or white, once grandeurs structure Temur Empire, Dorut-Tilovat Complex - The House of Meditation, Kok Gumbaz (Blue Dome) Mosque of Ulugbek, Doros Saodat built - the seat the strength and power, the family tomb of Tamerlane. Afternoon to Termez, the ancient center of Buddhism in Central Asia go. The south of Uzbekistan is one of the off beaten tracks of the Silk Road. Arrival in Termez and check-in at the hotel. Dinner and overnight.


Day 5.Termez

Termez or "Termita" the old country of Bactria. The land of Cyrus the Great, Alexander the Great and many others, the city on the border with Afghanistan routed. It was here the capital of the Kushan empire, with Buddhism as the state religion. Here you can still find remains of this temple served thousands of pilgrims from Central Asia, Tibet and China. Visit the Museum of History and Archaeology, Mausoleum of at-Termiziy, Fayaz Tepe Buddhist temple ruins, Kirk Kiz Fortress. Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.


6 Day. Termez - Bukhara

Morning check out from the hotel and transfer to Bukhara. The road passes through the part of the Hungry Steppe. Upon arrival at the hotel and time to check for refreshment. Stroll through the Old Town.

Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 7.Bukhara

After breakfast, start your sightseeing tour. Bukhara is known as the oldest living city in Central Asia, such as Morocco in the Middle East. Visit the Ark Fortress, the palace of the rulers of Bukhara, Bolo Khauz mosque with beautiful ayvan in traditional Bukharian style. Take a walk through the old part of the city towards Chashma Ayub Mausoleum, next to "The Pearl of the East" The Samanid mausoleum. Go to the covered bazaars, which were built on a crossroads of caravans, Toki Zargaron - dome of jewelers, Abdulla khan Tim - a center of the silk industry, Toki Telpak Furushon - dome of the hat seller and Toki Sarrafon - dome of the money changers, visit Magoki Attor Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Central Asia and Labi Khauz Complex. The Jewish Quarter and the Synagogue is to be a part of the tour. Dinner and overnight.


8 Day. Bukhara

This morning we drive out of town to visit the holy place, the grave of the Holy Bakhautdin Nakshbandi, and one of the founders of Nakshband Sufi order. The pilgrimage site for thousands of believers and Sufis, spend some free time to see the local customs. Later, the summer residence of Bukhara Amir Sitorai Mokhi Khosa Palace, the piece of Russian culture in Bukhara for the reception of Tsar Nicolay II Romanov was driving built. Last Choir will Bakr necropolis, the burial place of local rulers and representatives of aristocracy. Dinner and O / N


Day 9.Bukhara - Khiva

Breakfast and transfer to Khiva through the Kyzyl-Kum (Red Sands) Desert. En route stop to see a panoramic view of the river Amu Darya (Oxus). Late afternoon arrival to Khiva and transfer to hotel. Time for refreshment and walk in the old town before dinner. Dinner and O / N


Day 10.Khiva

Breakfast and start city tour with UNESCO World Heritage site Ichan Kala Complex, Kalta Minar, Muhammad Amin Khan madrassah, Kunya Ark, the early residence of the ruler of Khiva, which includes a mosque, the palace of the Khan, the residence of his harem, the mint, the Arsenal. Other sites tour includes the grave of Sayid Allauddin, the Mausoleum of Mahmud Pakhlavan - the patron saint of Khorezm, the Shirgazi Khan Madrassah, Islam Khodja madrassah and minaret of Juma mosque and Tash Khauli and the harem. Return to the hotel. Dinner and O / N


Day 11.Khiva - Ayaz Kala - Khiva

Morning drive to Karakalpakstan Autonomous Republic within Uzbekistan in order to visit the ruins of the ancient civilization fortresses: Ayaz Kala, Toprak Kala Kala and Kizil, the cultures of Central Asia were thriving antic period of nomadic and settled. Afternoon back to Khiva, enjoy your dinner and O / N.


Day 12.Khiva - Tashkent - Kokand - Ferghana breakfast, check out from the hotel. Transfer to Urgench (30km) to the airport for the flight HY 1052 from 9:20 to Tashkent. Check the schedule in the capital, on arrival drive to Ferghana Valley, the old area of the Silk Road, the modern center of silk industry in Central Asia. The road passes through the parts of the Tien Shan Mountains, Kamchik pass (2200m). In the afternoon visit Kokand, the capital of the Kokand Khanate in the 17th and 19 Century. Sightseeing tour includes a visit to the Khan Palace Museum, Friday Mosque and Madrasa Norbutabiy. Skip to Fergana city, a green city of the valley, which was founded by Russian Cossacks, where the house of the Governor-General still makes much of the city as part of Russian history. Getting to the hotel and o / n


Day 13.Fergana - Margilan-Rishtan Fergana morning drive to Margilan - the city of silk production in Central Asia. You have a chance to the old method of silk production to come and learn from the masters of unique colors and patterns historically known as Chinese and Persian. By rangers go Rishtan, the center for ceramics in the Fergana Valley, visit the pottery workshop of Usmanov, one of the first private ceramic workshops. Afternoon drive back to Fergana. Dinner and O / N at the hotel.


Day 14.Fergana - Tashkent

After breakfast check-out from the hotel and drive back to Tashkent. Arrival to Tashkent, check in at the hotel, short rest. Sightseeing tour through the city, take a walk along Independence Square, pedestrian direction by Amir Temur Square. Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.


15th Day. Tashkent

After breakfast check-out from the hotel for the flight back home.

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