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Dear friends! Let us introduce you'll find this extraordinary program that not only combines two different directions in active types of tours, but offers a unique journey by two mountain areas -. There Pamir-Alay and Pamiro as well Riding part of the program are in the range of wonderful Alay valley and leads to the foot of the great Lenin Peak 7134m (Zaalay First), then your horse's route will continue through picturesque Alay ridge (Kichick Alay mountain range) on the opposite side of Alay valley. Trekking in the framework of this program, you will find many incredible landscapes Turkestan ridge (Pamiro-Alay) discover. We are sure that you can fully be surprised with every single day of your unforgettable journey!

Total time: 14 days / 13 nights

Snow mountains and ancient cities


Leads this fascinating exclusive combination eventful tour take you to the beauty of Chimgan Mountains and the ancient history of Uzbekistan.

Chimgan mountain ski resort is very popular among the dedicated people around the world are active rest and it's clear why: because of its accessibility Chimgan Mountains is one of the most beautiful mountain regions of the western Tien Shan. Fast race against wind, under the mountain ski slopes, snow-covered landscapes of the branches Chatkal area, the breath, the opportunity to bronzed in winter - not a complete list of attractive things is possible, if you have a balance in Chimgan Mountains area.

Huge load of energy and inspiration for all those who spent at least several hours, guaranteed! They are a unique opportunity to visit the world famous monuments of Samarkand and Bukhara. These cities are the memories of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan and many caravans of the Silk Road are held! Welcome to Central Asia!

The program of the tour:

Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent. City tour.

Day 2 Transfer to Chimgan recreation area. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 3 Mountain-skiing tour.

Day 4 Walking to the Pesochniy ("Sandy") right, climb on Small Chimgan.

Day 5 Paragliding.

Day 6 Riding.

Day 7 Mountain-skiing tour.

Day 8 Mountain-skiing tour. Transfer to Tashkent. Night train to Bukhara.

Day 9 Arrival in Bukhara. Full day city tour.

Day 10 Transfer to Samarkand. Half-day city tour.

Day 11 Half-day city tour. Transfer to Tashkent.

Day 12 Free time. Transfer to the airport or train station - exit.

Day 01 Arrival in Tashkent. Transfer to the hotel. Sightseeing.

When you arrive in Tashkent, it is day or night, you will be picked up by our representative at the airport or train station and into a comfortable hotel. You are in a kind of Christmas spirit, because city lies in the snow, not to mention our Chimgan Mountains where the snow is really abundant. They are evidence to get this during your trip to the mountains the next day. Meanwhile, we invite you to make a short sightseeing tour of Tashkent. Winter brings a special view of the city: the trees are covered with glistening snow, the grass is a little snow thawed covered, and there are islands of snow on the wet pavement. We're not sure what kind of winter to expect during your visit to Tashkent, but people are looking forward spot always on the snow - a rare gift of nature, when the city looks different and children wildly buoyant, while the adults try their best in order to hide the feeling of ecstasy. But let's get back on topic. Warmth and comfort of the tourist bus will make your visit to the most interesting sights of the city more enjoyable. They will also be at the local oriental "Chorsu" bazaar where you will be able to buy many souvenirs taken. For dinner, we invite you to a local restaurant where you feel the Uzbek hospitality with impressions are supplemented on delicious Uzbek national cuisine. After dinner you will be transferred back to the hotel to rest and have a good sleep and to sign up for Chimgan adventure.

Day 02 Transfer to Chimgan - Beldersay resort zone (1500m above sea level).

Right after breakfast we set off to Chimgan. Chimgan ... sounds impressive! Chimgan is an eternal holiday for those who are not happy at home routine, it is a wonderful area that Mother Nature presents us with and people can enjoy throughout the year. Chimgan is very beautiful in spring and summer, incredibly wonderful and quiet in the autumn, but in winter ... Winter changes everything - the eye can not see the now familiar landscapes covered in snow, one can hardly believe that exactly at this place is you went through with backpack last summer. Yes, this is our favorite Chimgan - fascinating, generous, kind, and so changeable ... We are perfect along winding road that leads from Chirchik valley that includes driving Chatkal area. Ascending the road, you will be the conversion of snowy foothills in beautiful landscapes with the main hero is wonderful to see white mountains with juniper forests, with snow in the winter sleeping bag and powdered embrace, warm filled with serenity in long expectancy Spring ...

But the winter breeze not fear us - hotel is warm, comfortable and has everything that civilization has to offer. Now pack, now you (do not forget your children) your skis, snowboard and sled and run towards the nearest chairlift. Of course if you are staying in the hotel is close to the banks of the lake or very Charvak it to, we will provide you with transportation service for the entire period of your ski tour in Chimgan and Beldersay. Other hotels are located in close proximity to the slopes and chair lifts, so you do not need transportation.

And one more thing. During your stay in the mountains, you can be accompanied by a guide - a skilled skier, so enthusiastic skiers as you are, so do not be afraid to get lost or go in the wrong snow track - he will not not, as He has long-term skiing experience and know these mountains like his vest pocket. (Below are the details of his glorious skills lake).

So, go ahead! Chimgan slopes await you!

Day 03 Full day skiing.

Good morning! Did you sleep well? Yes, we know - your body hurts, you've gone to a lot of skiing. We feel the same. Every time we say to ourselves: "Do not get tired of it on the first day" - but no! What does a man who does months after months of nothing but sitting at his computer staring at the screen, really? No, not beer! (Beer comes later). He needs snow tracks, only traces of snow, nothing but snow tracks, the longer the better. That's why today, to treat your muscle pain, take your skis and snowboards and up the slope we go (there are many of them here). You better be a good breakfast - do not leave anything on your plate! How is the weather today? Perfect as always! The famous line from Alexander Pushkin's verses come to mind: "Frost and sun, what a wonderful day." So, go ahead!

Day 04 Go to Pesochniy Pass (1832m), climb to the top of the small Chimgan (2097m).

Did not you forget to take ski poles? The boots are OK? Then everything is fine. Today we are going to somersault in the snow! Sun overalls, gloves, boots and goggles will come in handy. By the way, do not forget about your camera, but be sure that it is right to packaged to protect them from moisture. Well, everyone is ready? Then let's go! At the beginning, while we are Kozlinoye gorge on foot, it's pretty easy. But once we escape from the street a real fun begins: You must lift your upper legs and sometimes they get out of snowdrifts. Actually it is a very funny pic: falling in the snow, puffing, weird trembling legs, are adult men and women continued to climb (normal people, she observed, diagnosis: "You are just crazy!"). But we know that. Madmen those who sit at home in front of their televisions and fat are We, on the contrary, are to lose weight in a very healthy and enjoyable way. Now sweat, we do, but it's not bad, it simply means we are warm. And then when we finally got the Pesochniy pass, we will be able to watch a truly enchanting beauty of the snow-covered ravine Gulkam. (By the way, you can enjoy the famous Gulkam canyon in winter and the snow should be deep enough, we can try to increase it). You have recovered your breath? Ready for Small Chimgan go? It's a pretty steep climb at the beginning, which is then at the top, almost horizontal.

We do not insist, of course, but do not you want to be awesome, just take surrealistic view of winter Charvak? That's where mystical begins ... Have as a snack, drink something hot (here we mean tea or coffee!) - And we make it!

Standing at the forefront of this is not as high, but still majestically above, you'll understand why we wanted you to see all this beauty! Coming back is just a pleasure! Snow way is hit hard and soon you'll be back at the hotel, where you can take a hot shower, drink something strong and look through the pictures taken during the day. These are what we call ". Is not it nice after a long day to the bar with your friends sipping some really" pleasant moments of life sit hot "stuff?

Day 05 Paragliding (can you believe that?).

We bet you'll be really surprised today! Watch your leader guy at this shy and cute. What do you think he is? You'll never guess! Their leader is not only a cool climber and skier, his greatest hobby Paragliding! He is a very experienced pilot, who can not imagine his life without the possibility of at least once per week paragliding. In addition, he is a perfect teacher in this kind of extreme that can teach either (your choice) you. This fascinating sport or fly on a tandem paraglider This is a very nice red and white wings, which is meant for two people - a pilot and a greenhorn. Moreover, as a greenhorn you not to do anything but move the legs to gain speed to pilots to hear instructions, and then with ecstatic joy (or fear, or both) yell, hang happily on the belly of your guardian angels. A greenhorn could not even imagine to this day, that it is possible, as is flying in the sky (like Santa Claus's sleigh riding with deer team on Christmas Eve) and the endless white, snow-covered area under observation (Or are you a Santa Claus!). Fascination, happiness, adrenaline, eyes like saucers - these are all about you!

If you are not a greenhorn, but a really experienced pilot, and also brought his own glider (why not), then it's completely different! Their leader is not to keep secret the best places for paragliding, but instead is willing to share the information. You have to do is just try it for yourself immediately. Real pilots are as follows: they can not help trying the new environment - it is like a chronic disease, you can not get away from him ... And why would you anyway?

So we will spend the whole day paragliding in Beldersay!

Surely the evening. Full of discussions, impressions and boastful stories with demonstration of the images in the testimony of today's personal successes

Day 06 Riding in Chimgan.

Before leaving this enchanted region, we recommend that you take a short trip riding. Horses in Chimgan are very nice, so you will definitely enjoy. We will ride Kizil-Jar ("Red Slope") hill and actually a red abyss on the other side is not visible Chimgan page. The contrast of the red sand and clay rock and white snow is really captivating, while the depth of the abyss is stunning, especially when you stand at its edge. If snow is not too deep, can we ride the Aksay River, which is natural enough covered with snow at this time of the year. Based on the river we reach the place with snow slide marks. From time to time numerous avalanches, large and small, to remember their existence, falling before Big Chimgan what enthusiasm among tourists and admire rather than fear as on one side snow slide is truly a spectacular sight, but are on the other side it no risk at all, because they are too far and reach us in any way. This allows us to fully enjoy mother nature and their power is not on the TV screen, but in reality.

Day 07 Full day of skiing.

Tomorrow is back in a wonderful winter morning Chimgan that you were happy last night. We will delight in skiing and snowboarding all day today. First, decide on location: We can either skiing or Beldersay Chimgan. It is not too much but not because one way or another today, we will be having a real fun! Get focused and go! go! go!



Day 08 Half-day of skiing. Transfer to Tashkent. Evening train Tashkent - Bukhara.

After paragliding (it was a dream or reality?) Skiing and snowboarding on solid surface appears to be a less exciting pastime. But this is a false impression. Once an ace as you start skiing or snowboarding down the hill, the sound of crunchy snow under your feet, invisible mechanism of emotions begins spinning faster and faster and you will always fly directly to the sunny wind of snowy slopes. Today (we remember with sadness ...) our downhill to join the program and at the end, so ski with all your heart and try to remember Chimgan such nice people with whom you have good friends, and take thousands of pictures will always remember your adventure. Our experience demands that the most interesting part of your adventures while sitting at your friends over a cup of coffee that you remember your vacation and overcome with emotion and start choking with pride She tells them about your "heroic" adventures coming.

Now, coming to a pleasant skiing, time to drive back to Tashkent. So we return to the hotel, get your backpacks and suitcases packed board the coach and go in the direction of the Uzbek capital go. However, we are not in Tashkent, remain dear friends. We go straight to the station to take the night train to Bukhara. Surrounded by a romantic atmosphere of the train soft lighting is fantastic winter scenery chat through the train window, we pass this fantastic night and share the impressions of the past days, or give in to fatigue to drop you off at bedtime accompaniment of rumbling wheels of the train.

Day 09 Arrival in Bukhara. Accommodation at the hotel. Full day visit.

We have finally arrived in Bukhara, and a comfortable coach brings us to the hotel. We leave for our skiing, paragliding, horse riding activities ... Enough is enough. Now we are civilized travelers, who have come here to study oriental antiquities.

Needless to say, how rich the history of Bukhara. The tour will help you discover this majestic city. In fact, one day is not enough to visit all the interesting sights in Bukhara, but at least you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of oriental culture of the past golden age.

This country has given the world many great scholars and architects. Its rich heritage has enriched the world culture heritage.

Evening in winter Bukhara ... Probably, in your life that night, the only of its kind will be how you will not spend time outdoors in the warm night sky, but in a warm room of the hotel, always amazed at the fact that you can overtake heavy cold this city in South. It's hard to believe it runs against your wishes of the South. It's unbelievable, and at the same time interesting, right?

Day 10 Transfer to Samarkand. Hotel accommodation. Afternoon tour of Samarkand.

Samarkand - Early in the morning we will leave for another famous ancient city on the Great Silk Road. Look out the window! The snow has covered the town. There is snow on turquoise domes, there is snow on the old stones of the squares! Snow absorbs sounds of the city, and it seems that there is silence in the air ... But this is a mistaken impression. The city seethes with life. After this rhythm we start for sightseeing and try to see and learn more about Samarkand as much as possible. We will not miss anything! The city is awash with signs of approaching new year, but surprisingly it is not divert us the leader stories that bind us altogether. They feel invisible presence of the heroes of legends and events that sank long ago forgotten, but whose shadow still seem wander the streets and alleys of modern Samarkand ...

Day 11 Morning sightseeing in Samarkand. Transfer to Tashkent. Accommodation at the hotel. Free time. Gala Dinner.

Today we are continuing with our tour round Samarkand. There is to see so many other city highlights. Once we stop trip, we will board the bus and begin to Tashkent, where your impressions of the cities in the dark is seasoned with a wonderful gala dinner. We deserve a good celebration of this unforgettable Christmas holiday. Let's drink to new adventures, and to our next meeting in the near future! Cheers!

Day 12 Free time to relax or explore the area. Transfer to the airport for your return flight.

Holidays were made for adventure, and we hope that you enjoy your adventures in Uzbekistan.

From our side, we are always happy for you to make your trip to Uzbekistan with unforgettable impressions. In addition, we always have something new, something really interesting and exotic. We wish you all the best and hope to see you again.

Paragliding Association under extreme Tourism Association of the Republic of Uzbekistan in cooperation with «Pamir Expeditions" would all take part in the first international paragliding festival

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