Travel of Uzbekistan 07

Mysterious Pulatkhan plateau

Eco-tour to the area next to the Ugam-Chatcal National Park

Tour Location: Ugam-Chatcal National Park, Western Tien Shan, Uzbekistan

Duration of Tour: 6 days / 5 nights

Season: 15 May - 15 July, September - 15 October

Tour type: Trekking





Total length of the trekking route: 77 km

Tour Itinerary: Day 1 - Arrival in Tashkent. Meeting of the group. Transfer to Aksakatasay river (70 km, 2 h, h = 1000m). Preparation for trekking. Trekking along the Aksakata river to its confluence with River Nurekota (L = 6 km, Н = 1250m). Camp # 1


Day 2 - Trekking along the canyon of the river to its confluence with Aksakata Tekeli flow (L = 12 km, Н = 1500m). Camp # 2


Day 3 - Trekking along the canyon of the river Aksakata, then along the river Karangur (right headwater tributary Aksakata River) on the Aksakata pass and then on the mountain Karangur (L = 15 km, Н = 2450m). Camp # 3 in the vicinity of the head of water Koraarchariver.


Day 4 - A radial climb through the top of the Karangur Pulatkhan plateau. Overview of the Western Tien-Shan Mountains. Panoramic Tereklisay and Akbulak canyons. Camp # 4 on the plateau in the vicinity of the source water. (L = 13km, Н = 2750m)


Day 5 - Return trek from the plateau over the Karangur climax. Driving over Mingjilki area to pass through the Skolzskiy Djar Berg (L = 18km, Н = 2690m). Camp # 5


Day 6 - descent through eastern flank of the Big Chimgan hill through the passes Takhta, Kumbel (H = 2550m) and Chetkumbel (H = 1880m) = at the gorge of Beldersay river and then into the lower cable car station (Н 1500m, L = 13km ). Transfer to Tashkent (L = 80 km). The trip to Zaamin National Park

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