Travel of Uzbekistan 06

Trekking on Koksu river

Trekking and Eco Tours in Uzbekistan

Tour Location: Ugam-Chatcal National Park, Western Tien Shan, Uzbekistan

Duration of trip: 5 days / 4 heights

Season: May-October

Tour type: Trekking

Number of tour participants: 1-12

Total distance of trekking part of the tour: 57 km




Tour Description: Dear travelers! We invite you to take on a fascinating journey inside Ugam-Chatkal National Park along the mountain river Koksu. The ferocity of the gorge, rock breaks steeply from 1.5 km altitude on the floor of a magnificent canyon cause undisguised admiration.


No one can remain untouched the virgin beauty of the ridge with year-round snow-capped mountains, high-mountainous lakes, mountain streams, cold springs, shady trees and various types of trees and flowers, which can be seen only from certain height above sea level.


During the trip you will have the opportunity to taste the natural mountain honey. Sweet memories of the Western Tien-Shan Nature will always be in my head!

Tour program:

Day 1

From the tour to the mountain settlement Yakkatut (2 hours, 100 miles). Crossing the river to the place called Koksu Zambot (14 km). Camp on the banks of the river at the mouth of Koksu Zambotsay at 1100 m altitude. Dinner in a fire.


Day 2

Continue through the intersection Koksu gorge. Wild nature, steep walls. The depth of the Glen Canyon is more than 1.5 km. Entry into the natural boundary Ayrik. Camp at 1500 m altitude (10 km).


Day 3

Day of rest. Excursion through the gorge of the river Ayrik Kichkinakul Lake (8 miles). You can see the fossils of marine animals and plants on the fragments of rocks. Beautiful eyes Piyezak River (3736 m).


Day 4

Transition back to narrow place Koksu flow between the rocks with the name "The jump a snow leopard" (8 km). Camp on the river bank in the shady grove, near the creek.


Day 5

Pass on Charvak water reservoir. The end of the route in the settlement Yakkatut (17 km). Moving to Tashkent.

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