Milk in Kyrgyzstan

With the onset of summer in Kyrgyzstan on the set of fields and meadows (we call them "jailoo") grazing mares. This is one of the best seasons for most of Kirghiz because it is a time when we start to cook and drink kymyz. Kirghiz believe kymyz most useful for health in the summer rather than in other seasons.

This beverage was known to the people many years ago. He is mentioned in the epic "Manas" and other folk epics and legends. Survived many folk sayings about kymyz, for example, saying "kymyz - is the blood of man, and the air - his soul" and "who drank kymyz he will be healthy and live a hundred years."

Preparation kymyz a long process. Milking the mare is much harder than a cow. We need two people to milk the mare. You can get no more than five or six liters of milk per day. Typically, during each milking mare gives only 800-900 ml of milk. As a rule, you need to milk the mare six times a day. But milk is not kymyz, it is called Saamal. To prepare kymyz, we pour Saamal, ie mare's milk in chanach (wineskin of the horse's skin). This wineskin contains three or four liters kymyz yesterday. The residue was yesterday kymyz used to start the fermentation process. Then, the mixture of fresh mare's milk and whipped kymyz yesterday with a special cut of wood sticks, called Pishkek. The more you beat it, the healing and better kymyz. Masters of experts for the preparation of kymyz kymyz beat several thousand times.

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