Kyrgyzstan yurts

Yurt appeared in the late Bronze Age XII-IX centuries BC, according to some historians, the closest dwellings are Andronov. But the home adronovtsev represented log cabins. Therefore it is impossible to believe this version credible. Perhaps there was a yurt at a later period, about 5.8 century BC. Oe. Yurts are known from the time of the Huns. The device is a yurt Turks and Mongols differs slightly. The Kazakh and Turkmen yurts have double leaf wooden doors. In Kazakh and Kyrgyz yurts than a wooden door is often also used a felt curtain. Some idea of ​​the mobile homes of ancient nomads make carvings. Near the village AlybayKaton-Karagai region of East Kazakhstan region revealed an image marquee-type housing with a clear division into right and left, male and female parts.
In the heat of summer felt the side wall can be lifted to a height of one meter, while the wind blows free space, and the owners are sitting in a neighborhood survey. Inside tent is divided into two halves. North - Women and the south - Men's.
In the male half - closer to the door, that is closer to the ground - is the bed owners. Here hung the men weapons, horse harnesses, charms.
In the female - maiden - bed bride - the daughter of the owner. Below - the doors - cupboard, mortar for beating koumiss - a symbol of prosperity. This half of the guest, where not to stay. The daughter marries, leaving father's house.
Leave the house once and the owner, the last time he postelyut this half already sleeping the eternal sleep. Yurt and still often used even in urban areas during the funeral.
In the center of the yurt - the hearth. Honoring Fire - one of the oldest religions on earth. The fire gave man heat, hot food, melted iron. - mountain gorges with nomads. - gorges of Kyrgyzstan. - the main mountain lakes. - Kyrgyz nomads are near Son Kul lake. - trekking of Kyrgyzstan.


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