Kyrgyzstan dishes

It has long been in a nomadic way of life and predominantly pastoral economy in the Kyrgyz diet consisted of meat and dairy products. Meat is usually consumed boiled without spices, milk - boiled or sour. Of the plant products used in food preparation are mainly millet, barley, and wheat. The traditional and most commonly used foods were made from millet, which anciently cultivated Kyrgyz. From his prepared talkan (crushed mass), porridge, soup. The bulk of the population fed on meager, monotonous and uneven throughout the day and year. The meat is regularly consumed only the rich.
The development of the material culture of the Kirghiz, and in particular on their diet, had a great influence close contact of other cultures, as well as the profound social and economic reforms carried out in Kyrgyzstan during the Soviet period.
Since the second half of the 19th century. in the diet of the Kirgiz ethnic dishes came in Dungan and Uighur: Lagman, chuchpara, manta rays, Tajik and Uzbek pilaf, kebabs, and later Russian and Ukrainian borscht, soups, etc. With the development of farming, poultry farming and bee-keeping in the daily life of the Kirghiz came potatoes, vegetables, fruit, honey, sugar, confectionery, poultry, eggs, and also (slightly) fish. - horse riding in gorges. - trekking tours in a gorge. - your tours are all here. - find your tour there.      - here is your correct choice.          


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