Kyrgyz cuisine

For the modern Kyrgyz cuisine is characterized by a variety of meat, milk and flour dishes that are made of horse meat, mutton, beef and poultry. Of the horse, as before, prepare funeral meals. The most common ways of cooking meat products - cooking, pripuskaniya, braising, roasting. For family and community celebrations are still preparing an old dish of nomads - beshbarmak - finely chopped lamb, watered and mixed with the broth boiled in broth with finely chopped noodles. Are considered a delicacy pudding made from horse meat with fat - chuchuk and assorted meat (boiled horse meat, karyn, map). Although modern Kyrgyz cuisine continues to maintain its identity and national traditions of cooking many dishes in it, new foods, food has become much more diverse.
Among the borrowed dishes - meat soup (shorpo) with potatoes and onions, fried potatoes with meat (dzharkop), salads, etc. For the preparation of various dishes have become widely used vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, dzhusay, cabbage, carrots, peppers. In southern Kyrgyzstan, popular pumpkin, which is put into the soup, ravioli, manta rays, Oromo, eat meat and prepared as a separate dish.

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