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Having a car rented for the tour to be made along the territory of Kyrgyzstan, it is offered to get closer the idea of the antiquity, or in other words of history of the land. According to the local dwellers, history of the country is presented with a variety of rich details. About these details we are going to talk today, in this article written especially for the guests desiring to find out more. But some of the details can be perceived only in personal visiting, in the course of communicating with the locals and guides.

Having an investigation of the country, invitees are viewing the olden scripts depicted on the walls of the gorges, most of which were created here in the times of nomadic past. Nomads are the people living the way of going from one pasture to the other, with all the stuff being with them, as well as taking yurts and cattle. As for the time periods, it starts the existence approximately 2000 years ago, as first notes in a written way are found in 201BC.

Continuing the tour along Kyrgyzstan, guests can take rented car and get to know mountains, as the main pride of the local people. At the same time they are seeing the way of development of cultural views of the local ancient people. And for this aim we are making the traveling trip to the Rock Art Gallery based in the Issyk Kul region, in Cholpon-Ata. Wandering about this place we are able to see the times of the Bronze Age in our times, with our own eyes, able to feel the spiritual essence. By the way, pay attention to the pictures of the walls, presented with the petroglyphs, animals, and everyday doings.

As for the main history of the state, it starts mentioning in Chinese notes in 201BC, as well as the history being stretched from 1000BC to 300AD. In the chronicle “Historical notes” all are able to feel the information of the local people, basically telling us of the 5 people, creating the conquering to the Hunnu. At the same time in the other chronicles Han-shu of historian Ban Gu, details of the history of the country can also be viewed. According to the notes of the scientists of our days, the state of the ancient people was based in the Eastern Turkestan.

The period of 1200 to 1400 is seen by the locals as the most tragic one, die to the great amount of bad events, being caused by the Mongols invasions. On coming to the territory of the country, they made their own rules, trying to create the culture of Turkic. They managed this idea, and such a culture was developing here greatly. When modern sightseers take cars for rent, they are taken along the territory feeling the history of 1207. This period the locals used to be the Yenisei ones, and right this time they managed to go under the rules of Chenghiz Khan. After this event and during the 12-15th centuries, the nomadic tribes of the Kyrgyz started being the ones taking Islam religion. There were great and extremely strong connections with Persian, Arab, and Turkic traders.

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You are offered to be the guest of the country, with the help of our company and start the investigation of the country, which started to be the home for the people from the South Siberia in the 15th century. In the times of the 15th century to the 19th century the people didn’t have a state. Though there were tribes, with various leaders, and some of them desiring to create the only common state, with only one leader. But the ancient people didn’t manage this idea, as there were the tribes with certain views on independency and political system.

It is also known that since the 18th century, and due to the beginning of the 20th century the people of the country where you are wandering today were wishing to be the part of the Russian Empire. They sent the people from their state to the Russian leaders. The reason is seen in the wish of the people of the north as they were suffering from threats from inside and outside. But the south was not wishing to be the part of the Russian Empire, and it was taken by force. That is why this event caused the change of the nomadic way of life to agricultural and citizen-like.

Later, since the 20th century, 1917 is known to be the year when the Bolsheviks came. They came to take the powers of the Russian Empire. Their idea was said to create the state with no people manipulation, when all are equal. This is the start of the Soviet Union existence. At the same time it is the time when the political and cultural ideas of the country started to develop, with the educational side as well. The land started to be the autonomous one, when believe in God was prohibited completely. When people didn’t leave the faith in God, they were suffering from murders.

In the period of 1991, the Soviet Union ended existence, with this year being the start of independency. The development of such a way of life caused unemployment and crisis in various lives like political, economic. When the country started its independence life, they got their own flag, anthem. Later in 1992 they became the members of the UN, and then in 1993 Constitution was taken. After these events, when almost is okay, there happened tragic events again, presented with conflicts between the government and the locals, offering revolutions in 2005 and 2010. Now everything is fine here and guests are going to travel here with the trips being organized at the greatest level for sure.

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