About us

"Wonders of Silk Road"

"Wonders of Silk Road" is one of the leading Tour Operator and our service is famous for the wide variety of tours and packages. In order to deliver the extreme level of professional and personalized services and also to be the most competitive, we maintain our own large fleet of deluxe air-conditioned coaches and cars with state of the art technology. We have our associate offices in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

We offer right from the basic planning to execution, professionalism and yet most personalized service from ticketing to cars and coaches, stay in hotels trips, packages on simply meet and greet at the Airports.

You can rely on us and we rely on experience
Charging with a positive attitude, "Wonders of Silk Road" has been moving a head surely and steadily creating new opportunities for the travellers and earning a name for itself in the market. Beginning on a modest scale in 1997, from 380 tourists, today its activities encompass the entire spectrum of tourism activities recoding around 40% annual growth with over 2500 tourists travelling last year.  

The company moving with time
In modern times of Internet boom and improving Information Systems, "Wonders of Silk Road" has incorporated Information Technology into all fields, which is on every executive's fingertips. "Wonders of Silk Road" has developed some of the most comprehensive and informative travel sites on destinations in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan with fully integrated Operations, Reservations, Tour Planning etc.